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The Biodynamic System and the Relevant Role of Enzymes

Biodynamic* was introduced by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy*, a conception of the world that in the first quarter of the last century had brought a fertile renewal in the field of Medicine, Pedagogy*, and the Science.

*Biodynamic: from English bio- (Life. Organic life.), English dynamic (Changing; active; in motion. A moving force) *anthroposophy: a formal educational, therapeutic, and creative system established by Rudolf Steiner, seeking to use mainly natural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being. * Pedagogy: the art, science, or profession of teaching

The backbone of the biodynamic system are enzymes, which can be defined as biological catalysts, i.e., substances capable of accelerating the speed of a chemical reaction allowing it to reach the state of equilibrium more quickly. The most advanced biochemical research today allows us to identify in our organism and, in particular, in our cells, the existence of a complex system called “biodynamic”, designed to regulate the physic-chemical phenomena that are at the origin of life itself (bios = life) in harmony with that “vital force” long sought by philosophers and alchemists (dymanis = strength) and which today, in large part, we can ascribe to energy, which flows from the sun to living organisms and generates an incessant coordinated movement of electrons, which forms and breaks chemical bonds and directs enzymes and hormones, in line with the principles of Thermodynamics. In this complex system, the redox reactions (which also include acid-base reactions), mediating the formation/breaking of covalent chemical bonds, to generate or accumulate energy or to produce reactive species (the so-called free radicals) responsible for defense and cellular communication, represent the hardware of cellular metabolism. The management software, on the other hand, by creating (through a “redistribution” of the electronic bonding cloud) transiently or permanently polar molecules, a necessary condition for the interactions between enzymes and substrates and between mediators and receptors, allows the regular and correct development of all reactions in non-extreme environmental conditions of pH, temperature and ionic strength.

Today the term refers to the natural processes that characterize all living organisms and ecological systems, based on self-adapting to external conditions. We can call this: balance of nature. The latter cannot happen without the “workers of the cell”: The Enzymes. This balance is encountered in the human body, able to heal or to resist the disease. All the organism’s functions are always an energy expenditure that must be offset by drawing on nutrients; this energy needed for vital activity is extracted by nutritional material using metabolism, a complex of chemical reactions liberating energy.

The substrates are combined with the oxygen taken from the environment. ROS is the molecule formed during the continuous reduction processes of oxygen; these molecules are inevitable mitochondrial respiration products. Some of these forms are highly reactive and can damage lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

The production of “free radicals” increases with the use of genetically modified products (GMOs), causing a chemical stress condition called “oxidative stress.” Moreover, suppose we focus our attention on transgenic foods (GMOs) and consider that these products result from the introduction of several enzymes from their biome and associate this consideration to the agricultural crops system. In that case, you can realize how human health can be undermined. Degenerative diseases, premature aging, immunodeficiency, and tumor diseases may be caused by “oxidative stress.” Therefore, we have to pay particular attention to the quality of products and the risks implied of some products.

Unfortunately, today’s foods are heavily overgrown, “intoxicated foods”, with heavy metals, pesticides, and Phyto-drugs. The biodynamic preparations are designed to combat these phenomena, with implications in every medical field.

1 Steiner, R. 1993. Agriculture: Spiritual Foundations for Renewal of Agriculture. Biodynamic Association.

how the enzymes work?

Complementary Enzymatic Therapy

Medicines are used in traditional medicine that suppress the symptoms of the disease or block its effects. This does not restore the functions and health of the disrupted cells – the enzyme substrates that reactivate cell enzymes work differently. Eng. Ferorelli says: “If the whole process is adjusted, if the biochemical processes of the cells have been restored thanks to the re-tuned cell enzymes, the cell can work on a true recovery.”

The scientist sees the Complementary Enzymatic Therapy as an important addition. In his opinion, the combination of enzyme substrate supplementation does support both naturopathic treatments and regular treatments. Such therapy can be used for a variety of purposes: to improve self-healing ability, to help alleviate pain, to assist treatment of wounds, injuries and inflammation, or in addition to radiation or chemotherapy.

Our Biodynamic Food Supplements

Absolutely Without any Genetic Engineering
For the production of CITOZEATEC products, it is used 100% GMO free agricultural products. These are grown on farmland selected for their perfect pure biochemical health. The rigorous methods used to prepare the agricultural raw materials are necessary to avoid contamination with genetically modified organisms at all costs.
Perfectly in line with the human biochemistry
Furthermore, the biodynamic food supplements make use of coordinated biochemical processes from purely organic raw materials, resulting in a series of molecules, including ATP, NADPH and FAD, which are perfectly linked according to the principles of human biochemistry.
With the Following Characteristics:
1. Has effect on cell division
2. Has effect on protein quality and correction resulting from errors in DNA division and protein production
3. Recognize abnormalities in cells, whether these are due to genetic mutation, to an error in reading the production of proteins or due to an alteration by a virus or retrovirus.
Has its "Own" Molecules and Information
The products have these special properties because they have the same molecules and information present in our cells. Molecules created by a series of consecutive natural enzymatic operations are precisely organized substrates — molecules recognized by enzymes. After the substrates arrived in the cell, they are recognized by cell enzymes and activated according to the rules of biodynamics, which leads to constructive processes. The proteins are not destroyed but are used to “put together” the cells according to the construction plan of a healthy cell.

The Products

A series of 14 different food supplements has been developed. The ingredients are the result of a sequential series of natural enzymatic processes, to form enzymatic substrates. The products are food supplements and serve to support cellular functions. Protocols of assistance for general and specific disorders have been developed. These take into account the natural sequence of the enzymatic activity of the cells.

The protocols last from 90 to 160 days, depending on the type of pathology and anamnestic situation. Recovery begins with the intestines: after a few days of taking the products one will notice stronger and more audible bowel movements with gas formation. Stools can change color and smell, and often it can occur a more frequent but temporarily daily bowel movement.

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