Best Detox after Covid ****


These products combine Citozeatech’s 40 years of experience with biodynamic enzymes and the new Quantum technology that has made it possible to enhance the NAC we have always known, allowing it to denature the spike protein. This protocol is recommended for people who had Covid-19.

This bundle contains:

-1Ergozym Plus$46.99
-1Augmented NAC$99.00

Suggested use:

  • 1 NAC with lunch and 1 with dinner

In a cup of hot water to drink before bed:

  • 15 ml Citexivir
  • 1 stick Propulzym
  • 1 stick Ergozym Plus
1 stick Citovigor at 11am and 1 stick at 3pm — for energy

Optional: just 1 stick Citovigor during moments of brain fog