Citovigor is a product rich in enzymatic substrates directed towards the enzymes that regulate the Krebs cycle. Citovigor is able to regulate the stages of the Krebs cycle allowing to obtain immediate energy thanks to its potential to modulate the enzymatic activity linked to the metabolism of sugars.


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Citovigor promotes energy metabolism and physiological protidemic balance.

The human energy metabolism is based, in synthesis, on the biochemistry transformation and use of two types of sugars:

– Hexose (6 carbon atoms) which are transformed, by glycolysis, to pyruvate and Acetyl-CoA and then they enter in the Krebs cycle to provide ATP, but also to support various metabolisms related to the cycle itself (b-oxidation of fatty acids, urea cycle, amino acid synthesis, gluconeogenesis, etc.).

– Pentose (5 carbon atoms) oriented towards the synthesis of nucleotides (RNA, etc.).

Role of amino acids: Amino acids are organic compounds formed from carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen: some of them also contain sulfur atoms, an element that has a significant importance in nutrition. They perform three different functions in the organism:

* Constitute the basic elements of proteins, in which they are joined together by peptide bonds;

* Give rise to some hormones and chemical mediators, as well as other molecules of biological importance;

* Represent an essential source of energy for the body.

At the tissue level it is necessary the presence of an appropriate and balanced proteic heritage for an adequate regeneration and/or repair of the cellular structures.

Role of vitamins: Some enzymes are active only in the presence of cofactors or coenzymes (metal ions: NA+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+ or organic molecules such as FAD, FMN, NAD, NADP). They provide essential elements for the reaction to proceed (electrons, H+ , O2, energy) that are reversibly bonded, chemically modified, introduced in catalytic amount, must be restored in the catalytic cycle. Many coenzymes have the water-soluble vitamins of B group as their precursors. Vitamins are molecules that carry out their activity in very small quantities. They are essential for humans and for many animals, as they can not be synthesized from simpler molecules, but must be taken with food.

Ingredients: Maltose, sunflower lecithin, maltotriose, polysaccharides (of vegetable origin), IGP toasted hazelnuts, dextrose, inositol, mannitol, glucosamine, histidine, pyruvic acid, methionine, tartaric acid, calcium delta pantothenate, B3/PP vitamin, beta-carotene, riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid, pyridoxine (Vit B6), biotin, cobalamin (vitamin B12), phenylalanine, isoleucine, valine, tyrosine.

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