Citozym (16 Oz)

Citozym has the peculiarity of possessing substrates capable of being recognized by any cellular enzyme and therefore correct, with an “all-round” effect, the metabolic-enzymatic anomalies thus significantly enhancing the cell’s natural repair capacity.


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When a genetic damage occurs, especially at the cellular level, there are transformations that can change the aminoacid sequences and they can have bad effects, such as accelerated aging, conditions which reduce immune responses and various other phenomena ascribable to some classes of alterations.

Anomaly is the consequence of a drop in energy in a particular sector, therefore it is necessary to intervene until the chromosomes are available, making available several aminoacids and enzymatic precursors that give a boost to the reactivation and reset random or hereditary biological damages.

In the same way, when a transmembrane transport protein loses its transport capacity, it is necessary provide an energy asset that facilitates the recognition of the peptides produced by the digestion of foreign proteins.

Citozym detoxifies, provides the right rotation to the nutrient chain and to the aminoacids. It encodes proteins for the folding of immunoglobulins and mediates cell recognition processes.

Citozym, thanks to its memory, also provides a biochemical patrimony necessary to control of non-distended adhesion proteins, due to defects in the amino group of lysine residues, which are not able to react with the ubiquitin protein.

This allows that Citozym can immediately collide with any toxins in circulation, opsonize foreign bodies, including antigens and transport them to the sites of elimination.

The peculiar properties of Citozym are also those of stimulating the immune defenses, activating the mechanisms of elimination through lysosome enzymes, peroxisomes, macrophages, etc.

For this reason, during the intake of the product, an increase in meteorism may occur due to the conversion of toxins in a gaseous and aqueous state. In some cases, diarrheal discharges can occur (without causing tissue dehydration) that disappear after a few days with the lowering of the quantity of toxins.

Ingredients: Fructose, Dextrose, polysaccharides, mannitol, maltose, sorbitol, Isomaltmaltotriose, Inositol, lactulose, xylitol, Flavours: Undecalattone Undecilica and aldehyde (aldehydefishing C4), ascorbic acid, tartaric acid, pyruvic acid, citric acid, Pantothenic acid (Vitamin b5), calciferol (Vitamin D), Folic Acid (Vitamin b9), enzymesextracted from plantfungus Aspergyllus (lactase and amylase)

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