Propulzym consists of a particular blend of short-chain amino acids which are used for energy balancing thus assisting the biochemical activities managed by Citozym and Ergozym Plus. Propulzym has a high capacity of tissue penetration that allows Citozym to be conveyed to low vascularity areas such as necrotic areas, cellulite, and improving tissue oxygenation.


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It consists of a particular mixture of short-chain amino acids which are used for energy balancing, covering any other biochemical deficiencies.

Thanks to the high penetration capacity, these amino acids can quickly reach even low vascularization sites.

An effect that is certainly not secondary, it is the ability of Propulzym to intervene on pH stability and peristaltic activity, making a considerable contribution to food assimilation and to the evacuation of intestinal catabolites.

His activity, always in tune with Citozym and Ergozym brings useful memory for the control of cholesterol.

Ingredients: glutamic acid, acetyl cysteine​​, calcium carbonate, citric acid, tartaric acid, sorbitol, mannitol

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